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To Travel With Students or Not to Travel?

I see posters in the building for teachers taking trips with students. A fellow teacher is leaving for a Spring Break trip to Italy. He has taken trips to many other places. A Social Studies teacher in our building is always good for a trip to the Presidential Inauguration every four years. Our student Leadership…


The Day I Wanted to Quit Teaching

We were given the question at an in-service about the day that we wanted to quit teaching. Every teacher has them and we were asked to keep this private and think about how that might also apply to students and how they feel about school. But as with anything we are told to keep private,…


Technology In Classroom

Tools or the Answer to Our Prayers? When I see this question I tend to cringe a little because of the history of technology in the classroom. I am reminded of my stroll through education as a student to being a teacher. I have developed many opinions regarding the use of media in the classroom…


Document Cameras – The Modern Opaque Projector

Mr. Price Owen, who was my History teacher, loved  his opaque projector at Lakewood High School in the 1970’s. I enjoyed when he would put something on there and we would all squint and try to read the information from a book or document. My most vivid memory was that his room was chilly and we…