Exchange 2017 – Day 11 – Baden-Baden

Baden-Baden is always a favorite of our trip. We took the bus to Baden-Baden and got to travel in an extremely crowded bus but it is a beautiful view up to the town. We started with a trip to the casino. It is a  and more elegant take on a casino for us. We expected load machines and people going around 24 hours a day. The casino doesn’t open to the afternoon and closes in the morning but not all night long. There were a few slot machines but mostly roulette of the French and American versions. Some card tables but not many. The history in the rooms and the work that has been made to keep the building historic and a place for fun was extensive. The gamblers play among priceless antiques and a long history in the Baden region.

We had an opportunity to visit the site of the Roman Baths and a church in the older part of town. The students had an chance have lunch and walk around the old town area. We then headed to the Merkur which is a tram to the top of the mountain. Another opportunity to take me (Mr. afraid of heights) to the top of a mountain. There will be more stories and chances later in the trip but for now we had a look at the valleys that hold Baden-Baden and others. The tram was a five minute ride but straight up the mountainside. I did find a kindred soul in Mrs. Moriarity, who also is not a fan of high places. Para-gliders use this area as a launching pad to soar over the valley for some spectacular views. This, however, is not something that I can mark off of my bucket list but upon reflection, it was never on the list. Thanks to our guides, Elisabeth and Peter. They did an excellent job and we heard stories of the town from Elisabeth’s college days.