Exchange 2017 – Day 5, 6, & 7 – Travel, Sasbach, & Strasbourg

Wednesday was an early travel day and we left the hotel at 6:30 in the morning. The students did a great job with the trains so we got to the main Berlin train station in plenty of time. They had the chance to get breakfast and lunch for the train. We had a quick transfer in Hanover and made it to Baden-Baden mid-afternoon. The students met with his/her family and we came back to the Heimschule Lender for a welcome party. It was a nice afternoon of food and meeting the families. When we drove back on campus it felt like I was returning home. I feel comfortable at the Lender and enjoy being on campus. At the end the students went with his/her family and we had a chance for them to connect. The next day is the Festival of Corpus Christie and was a bank holiday. The families got a day to do something fun.

Thursday the boys ent to Europa Park and the girls did things with their families. I got a chance to go to Feldberg which is the highest point in the Black Forest. I rode a chair lift to the top and then went on top of a tower. It had an unobstructed view of the whole region. It was a chance to orient myself with the region. Mont Blanc in France was even visible from the tower. We took a nice walk down the mountain and had a chance to visit the Rothaus Brewery. It is the highest in elevation brewery in Germany. I had a chance to see the growth of the brewery over the last 200 years. We then traveled into wine country for a nice dinner in a small cafe.

Friday started with a work session. Bot groups have projects when working with the GAPP program and we continued on the German students project. We spent time comparing the peoples of the Mesa Verde region with the early people around Lake Constance. They will work on the projects for a few more times to complete it before we leave. We headed to the bus and started our journey to Strasbourg France. We visited Le Petite France area in Strasbourg and then moved over to the Cathedral. We saw, for the first time since we started doing the exchange, a heightened security presence around the cathedral and even the limiting of the hours. We were there for the times it was open and had a chance to see this 1,000 year old Cathedral. The highlights are the Astronomical Clock and the going to the top of the tower. Since this is her first time, Mrs Moriarity got the pleasure of climbing the 300+ steps to the top and we can’t forget the 300+ steps down!  We had time to grab a coffee, ice cream, or croissant and jump back on the train home. We dispersed for the family weekend.