Exchange 2017 – Preparation & Travel

It is time to start making final plans for the trip. I am very excited and look forward to getting on the plane and traveling back to Germany. Every time I go there are more things to learn and explore. I had a discussion with my wife, Dawn, about how people can get to a point where they don’t care to learn any more things in life. They seem to be comfortable with what they currently know and have no desire to learn new things. I hope I never get to that point. To me the learning is the joy. The knowledge or new skill is just a happy by-product. We have all worked hard to get ready and we couldn’t do this trip without the effort of the parents and all of the adults that support the program. Dawn Mills has been particularly critical in making this come about. She has worked tirelessly to get us there and have a place to stay in Berlin and a way to the Black Forest region. She is not traveling with us this time so it makes her efforts even more heroic. 

We are coordinating an itinerary for the Berlin portion of the program. There is so much to see in four days.  We plan on spending a day around the Brandenburg gate and Checkpoint Charlie. I am most excited to see the stuff we do on Monday and Tuesday with Herr Großsman and his wife Irina. They grew up in Berlin so they have insights that others don’t.

We started our travel on Thursday at DIA. Most everyone was on time and we were at our gate in plenty of time to enjoy some food before we started. The flight was uneventful and we were able to easily make our next flight to Berlin. We have discovered that Marty is the line master! Every line he gets into amazingly goes faster. We made the trip to the hostel easily and even got off at the right stop so that we were fifty feet from our destination. We met as a group and then took a slow evening of rest to get ready for the Saturday adventure. It is nice to report that there  were no disasters or problems. With any luck that will continue throughout the trip.